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Boerne, Texas, Chamber of Commerce

What is unique about our ASO?

  Using YOUR Fed and State ID's you will choose from a menu of service options that best suit your business needs and reduce fees for all the services you don’t need to outsource. 


Cost. Extremely rare contractual agreements that may exclude the use of a PEO arrangement. High workers compensation loss history. The extremely rare old fashion business owner that won’t wrap his head around the co-employment arrangement.  

How do I know which best fits my company?

Cost of the full range of the PEO services may drive this decision, for example if you have a full time HR professional, an in house safety engineer or an in house benefits coordinator you may not need to pay the PEO to perform some or all of these services. At that point you can pick and choose which of the services you want to outsource through an ASO Agreement. Or if you have Service Agreements that preclude a PEO arrangement you can enjoy all the benefits of our PEO services through an ASO arrangement under your federal and state ID.