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What is a PEO?


A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization, allowing employers to outsource employee management tasks that take time away from focusing on clients and services. 


Employee management tasks such as payroll, workers compensation, employee benefits as well as other government compliance issues. 


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How does a PEO help my company?


1. All Around Cost Reduction 

Outsourcing you HR needs you can lower your cost of employing an in-house team. Professional Employer Services help reduce insurance by having a well-established business relationship with insurance companies that ensure lower rates and discounts. 

2. Access to More Technology 

Professional Employer Services have access to technology that can produce valuable information regarding payroll and analytics. 

3. Compliance 

PEO’s have the resources to help keep track of all federal and state laws that concern your business. Thus, assuring you don't run the risk of noncompliance. 

4. Business Focus 

Most importantly a PEO benefits you by allowing you to free up your resources and spend time focusing on company growth and business goals.