Steve Boynton



With more than 35 years’ experience successfully providing customer solutions and managing sales organizations, Steve brings a customer centric approach to Covenant Services. 

Prior to joining Covenant he successfully managed multi-million dollar contract programs with nationally recognized food retailers such as HEB, Walmart, Kroger, Publix, to name a few, while working for multi-national corporations during his career; Kraft Foods, Mrs. Smith’s Frozen Foods and Brambles USA. 

He developed innovative programs that drove growth and profitability which resulted in increasing customer satisfaction and corporate recognitions throughout his career. 

His awards included the Chairman’s Award and Sales Leader of the Year for strategic planning, comprehensive analysis and results driven performance.

Throughout his career Steve has demonstrated the passion and skills for listening to customers’ concerns and working collaboratively to generate solutions that create cost savings, long term solutions and strong relationships. Steve would like to bring that same expertise to help you achieve those results, too.