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Covenant Services, headquartered in Bandera, TX is licensed by the State of Texas to provide Employer / Employee administration services for their clients offering a full range of PEO services and benefits using OUR Fed and State ID's including: Payroll Taxes and Processing, Certified Payroll Processing and Administration; Human Resources Management, Safety Program, Mediation Arbitration, and Workers' Compensation. Also, employee benefit services, such as Healthcare Plans,  401(k), and section 125 plan.

Consider our alternate ASO Program. Using YOUR Fed and State ID's you will choose from a menu of service options that best suit your business needs.

Our shareholders and managers have over fifty year's combined experience in the management and marketing of businesses in the private sector. We have been active in the PEO industry since 1989.

It is Covenant Services belief that our company is more personalized than the national and larger regional PEO. And our experience shows that Business Owners and CEO's enjoy working directly with one representative of the PEO, since they provide services to the profitability and growth of their companies.


Our Approach


Provide professionally managed quality service to clients utilizing the latest in technology with personal attention and timely response.

Protect the integrity of clients by requiring all prospective clients to meet the criteria: financial stability, positive employer/employee relationships, interactive safety programs and commitment to the Mediation and Arbitration Policy and all Co-employer Rules and Regulations.

Establish relationships with service providers and suppliers that will be long term based on effective communication, mutual trust and full cooperation within the provisions of each agreement or contract.

Comply with all rules and regulations of the Texas Licensing act for the industry and all the fiduciary responsibilities of local, state and federal agencies.

Why Us?


Understanding Co-Employment?

When you enter into a co-employment relationship with Covenant Services, you the owner / manager continue to direct your employees’ in their day-to-day duties and activities.

 Covenant Services, as your PEO will handle all of non revenue generating aspect of the employee/employer relationship so you are free to focus on the needs of your business.

At the same time, Covenant Services contractually assumes certain rights, responsibilities, and risks. As such we deliver and manage employee benefits, payroll processing and tax administration, workers’ compensation, state unemployment insurance, EEOC claims, mediation arbitration, etc.

Our Mission

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